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The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led to an unprecedented economic and public health crisis, but also an unparalleled response. Already, policymakers have approved trillions of dollars of spending, tax cuts, loans, grants, subsidies, and other measures through legislation, executive action, and the Federal Reserve.

With such large commitments, the public deserves to know how their dollars are being spent. COVID Money Tracker will track every significant financial action taken to address the current crisis and then follow the dollars over time to provide valuable information on how much has been disbursed (or paid back) and to whom. The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget filled this same role during the 2008-2010 financial crisis through

The COVID Money Tracker project will produce papers, blogs, spreadsheets, and data visualizations; and we will build an interactive database where users can search, sort, and track the actions taken and dollars disbursed in the current crisis. Meanwhile, readers can browse our summary table of actions taken so far to combat the COVID-19 crisis and see more at

The Federal Reserve has authorized nearly $6 trillion in economic support and disbursed roughly $2.2 trillion. Another $3.7 trillion of support has been authorized through legislation, of which $2.2 trillion has been either disbursed or committed (net deficit impact will be roughly $2.4 trillion). Finally, the Administration has authorized around $470 billion of support through executive action and disbursed over $400 billion (net deficit impact will be less than $100 billion). See more detail about all these actions in our tracker.

See our tracker table of policies enacted so far (updated July 30, 2020) .

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See our full summary table of actions so far (updated July 30, 2020).


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